A Website SEO Audit Helps Your Business Grow With Confidence

It’s easy to increase your brand awareness and sales when you know exactly how to make your business stand out from your competitors.

A website audit from Site Influence helps you make educated decisions about your online marketing so you can reach your business goals.

How does a website audit improve your business?

A website SEO Audit highlights changes needed to meet Google’s demands for a ‘high-quality’ website. Meeting these requirements is the first step in successfully driving more traffic and sales to your business from unpaid search results.

An in-depth analysis of your current online marketing activities helps you understand how Google judges the quality of your website so your business can profit from a more effective online marketing strategy.

A better quality website enjoys higher exposure to achieve more enquiries, increased sales and better profitability.

What does a website SEO audit assess?

Find out how your business can access more customers with an audit of the key areas Google uses to evaluate the quality, relevance and trustworthiness of your website.

Technical Issues

Correct page titles, meta descriptions etc images sizes etc help google understand your website etc

Users will click back to search results if your page takes longer than 3 seconds



If your business does not appear in search results it’s likely you are losing a lot of new business to your competitors. Your website needs to meet the technical requirements search engines use to find your website and correctly index it in the search results.

81% of consumers will perform an online search before making a purchase decision


Keyword Usage

Overuse of keywords can send warning signals to google whilst underusing keywords or trying to rank for too big a variety can make it hard to rank for any of them

keyword stuffing quotes from google etc



Appearing high in search results is the key to accessing people searching every day for the products and services you provide. Is your website correctly targetting the information your customers are looking for? Search engines need to recognise your relevance to place you higher than your competitors.

75% of consumers will never click past the first page of search results


User Experience

Is your website user friendly? If customers find your website hard to use on a smartphone or difficult to understand, chances are they’ll find another website that makes their purchasing journey easier. Improving user experience is key to keeping customers engaged with your business so you can build trust and be their first choice.

76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day


Social Media Presence

Social media channels play an important part in many people’s day to day activities. Correctly set up and maintained they create a valuable source of business and ongoing interaction with your customers builds trust

social media quote


Directory Listings

Getting listed in the right online business directories not only provide valuable backlinks to your website but also are an important way to gain further brand awareness and free traffic to your business. Poorly maintained listings with conflicting data can confuse customers and search engines.

directory listings quote


Competitor Research

Other business in search results that compete with your business provide valuable insights into what is working and what is not.

competitor research quote



Other websites that link back to yours is a sign of trust to your customers and relevancy to search engines. Links from poor quality sites can harm your site.

Backlink quotes etc


Whether you run a small local business or an e-commerce store in a competitive marketplace we have a variety of options to suit any budget or business goals.

Tackle the basics to start appearing in search results
For websites not ranking

General SEO Checkup

Technical SEO Review

Homepage Content Audit

Indexing Factors

Directory Listings

Market Leader
Serious growth requires a holistic approach
Competitive Businesses

Websites up to 30 Pages

Technical SEO Review

Website Content Audit

Indexing Factors

Directory Listings

Keyword Research

User Experience

Social Media Review

Backlink Audit

Competitor Comparison

Why is a website SEO audit important?

Google strives to provide the best search experience for its users. They continually find better ways to rate the quality, trust and relevance of websites.

If your website doesn’t keep up with the continual changes to Google’s quality standards you will have difficulty ranking in search results for the keywords your customers use to find businesses like yours.

In the past it was easy to trick search engines using underhanded techniques to game the system and get higher search rankings.

With massive advancements and smarter algorithms it is no longer as easy as slapping a bunch of keywords all over a webpage to be on top of search results.

Google penalises businesses it suspects are using illegitimate methods to rank higher without using quality marketing strategies.

Even innocent attempts to improve your website may be against webmaster guidelines.

Sometimes these penalties can mean businesses are excluded from search results for months or even years.

Simple mistakes can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

To win more of the free search traffic your online marketing not only has to be more effective than your competitors but also done within Google’s strict guidelines. Creating a more relevant and more reputable website helps you rank higher in free google listings and builds trust with your customers without the risk of getting penalised.

How is a website SEO audit done?

We Look At Your Site Like Google Will

Similar to the way search engines crawl through all the pages on the internet we analyse the content and structure of your business website and report on any technical problems.

We also investigate how your website is currently performing in Google search results.

Using some of the industry’s best tools lets us do many hours of work efficiently to help you identify exactly what you need to do to rank in Google for any keyword search.

Using this information you will receive a detailed report with easy to follow recommendations to improve your situation. Without spending a fortune.

We aim to MAXIMISE your budget – whatever it is.

Your audit report is an action plan for deployment on your website focused on getting the most bang for your buck.

It includes instructions that are easy to understand to help you implement the changes with explanations why they are important.

This is not rocket science – ALL we are doing is looking for opportunities to make your website perform better.

We don’t want you wasting time or money on unnecessary tasks that are low priority or provide little reward!

By crunching a lot of data we compile an accurate list of recommendations. We filter and sort this information to prioritise the tasks you can implement that provide the best return from your investment.